Sticks and stones.

Hi there lovelies! ☺♥ How’s school been going! 🙂 I hope it’s better than mine! It’s only been two days but the teachers have scared the shit out of me already. No more time to waste. O lvls really freaks me out. It’s only day 2 but I can already feel the pressure mounting. I really do hope I have the strength and perseverance to press on. ☹ anyways, on to better and happier things, I am kind of half glad to be back in school because well, I like keeping my mind active and I think I have been quite a couch potato for the whole holidays so yup! Haha and I get to see my friends again! 🙂 basically, I like term 1. HAHAHAHAH hey, you can’t deny that term 1 is the best of all 4 terms. I mean, there’s Chinese New Year at the end of January, ASPIRe camp in march and march holidays and all the other school activities! So exciting don’t you think Hahahaha SOZ I know I am one weird person. But ohwell. Anyway, some pictchas from my Aussie trip so my blog won’t be all just words! 🙂



Hahaha okay actually it’s only two. LOL sorry for the lousy quality cause it was taken using my phone! iPhone cameras are quite lousy, if to haven’t already noticed. Would upload more but I’m blogging from my phone and most of the photos are in the comp. I’m much too lazy to upload all those in my phone so hehe 😛
<3, H


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