There’s beauty in the breakdown.

Hi there! I’ve survived the first week as a secondary 4 student! 🙂 so proud of self HAHAHAHA anyway, the week wasn’t too bad! I am starting to enjoy school again! (oops) AHAHAHA so we had our very first session of choir on Friday! It was…. Um, pretty emotional! Yeah. WE GOT OUR CHOIR TEE! 😀 finally! After like 585027162 years! Hehehe

So pretty right! It’s a really nice shade of blue! 🙂 gave out the tees (& some people could really be a little more appreciative -_-) and then Jesalin, Benetta, Darren Lai, Ying Rong, Ms Goh and I went to put up our banner! ☺ it looks so small compared to band’s! -.- should have taken a photo to show you guys! Hahaha me and Jesalin went down to the quadrangle to like, yknow “tell them to move left move right”. HAHAHAHAHA OBVIOUSLY WE DIDN’T AND WE JUST ENDED UP WATCHING THE NCC AND NETBALLERS! Hahaha spent about half an hour “helping w the banner” and then went back up to the AVA. As here comes the emotional part. We walked into the AVA to find the back row of altos gone, and found them outside w Rosabel teaching them Tegami. She was crying really hard and me and Jesalin were totally shocked. No idea what happened omg. And then Clarissa saw us and she went, whatever you do, DON’T go into the toilet. Go third floor one. And me and Jesalin went, what? Why?! “UM… Er, there’s a cockroach inside.” What the. Something was obviously wrong alrdy la, so we just barged in and found Jennifer crying also!!! Apparently she’d been crying for quite awhile already. So me and Jesalin decided we had to do something about this, we had a talk w them after they had all calmed down. I didn’t rly get what the whole episode was about and why they were crying and everything but I think it’s somewhere along the lines of feeling rly stress and demoralized by the standard of altos and stuff like that. Yeah anw, we apologized to them first caused I mean, we didn’t exactly do our jobs as SLs so I felt really bad about the whole thing. ☹ And then we just talked to them about stuff and our dear Jesalin decided that we should give them a treat. two Fridays from now. My money!!! Omg /cries/ ah, but once in a while for my dear altos la. Section lunch! 🙂 plus we do need some bonding anyway! So yup. Combine tegami before we ended choir! Hahaha talked to Darren yap about stuffssss 😛 HE IS SO INSENSITIVE MY GOD HAHAHAHA and then the sec 4 Exco (me, Raag, Jesalin, Benetta, Ying Rong, Darren Lai & Yap, & Qiu yuan) stayed back to discuss about handover stuffs! And D.Lai brought chocolates from Europe! So yummy! And so sweet of him ahahah! ☺ talk for about 1.5 hours and we left school at 7 hahaha. We diverted a lot la! Talk about why person x wasn’t suitable for a role and it became a bitching session! Hahahaha but oh well! I love them so much! ♥♥ my batch of choir people! Love them more than 4C1 actually lmao. Hahaha so yeah la. And in all honesty, I think the whole crying thing was just a small matter blown up. Yeah. It could have been avoided… Homed at 8.30 I think! Thank God it was a Friday hahaha.
So yeah! Time flies! It’s the second week of school tomorrow! Not sure if i am happy or sad about it ._. Hehe shall leave you with pictures of random stuff!
Till then!
<3, H
Random lights!
Sogurt! ☺


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