CCA Open House 2012

So it was CCA Open House today! Choir got a relatively fair number of sec 1s i suppose! If you compare the previous years! Yay and there were guys who signed up too! ^^ hehehe the 1A1 guys are so cute!! Hahaha they promised me to join choir! Hahahah yay! šŸ™‚ it was fun la! My last and best open house in CTSS! *\(^o^)/* luv my CT Chorale people! ā¤ basically I just walked around the school with Raag, Jesalin, and Michelle to poach the sec 1s! Hehehe and everyone kept coming to us to steal our sweets! šŸ˜” for sec 1s only okay! Hahaha yeah la. It was fun! ā˜ŗ I honestly think that my batch of sec 4s throughout the whole level are so bonded! šŸ™‚ even if we’re from different classes! And that’s mostly what I really love about CTSS! šŸ™‚
So basically, the 2 weeks of school has somewhat been okay. I mean, it was tough but I made it thru! And I kind of became closer to the 4C1-ers la! Talked more to them, and I guess my opinions of them changed a little! My class may be competitive but individually, they’re really sweet people! ā˜ŗ and the guys as well la! So yup! I hope I can keep this up, both academically and socially! Thank God, really. šŸ™‚
<3, H

P.S/ no pictchas of CCA Open House because my chorale members are not camwhores so I didn't bring my cam. ā˜¹
P.P.S/ will be heading to the esplanade tomorrow to catch The Vocal Consort's concert with the CT Chorale! So I'm going to have to chiong my work in the early morning and afternoon ā˜¹ this point was redundant but I just thought you'll want to know šŸ˜›


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