Pure happiness

Hehehe hello hello! Went to watch The Vocal Consort’s concert at esplanade today! (just came back an hour ago!) hehe they were guddd! ☺ the sops were darn powerful! And the altos were um, strong and manly HAHAHAH (for lack of a better word). The basses were sooo low gosh! Hahaha tenors were being their usually tenorish self! AHAHAHA I saw Mr Goh perform plus, of course Mr Foong, ZOE!! And 1 mtdc tenor from my batch! ^^ the concert made me miss mtdc though ☹ rly love that group of people, bonded by one passion: singing!! ♩♪♫♬ hehehe and I think this concert made me think about my passion (which LQY talked about last CE lesson but I never rly paid attention! Oops) which you can sort of say is singing. I never thought I’ll say this, but yeah. I do love choir. I love being part of a choir where you sing and perform for people. It makes me happy! Like really happy. ☺ ❤ ♥ ♡ hehe yeah. Anyways, I met Kat and Dean there!!! ^^ finally saw them after asdfghjkl years!! :’D hehehe yeah this weekend was well spent! Saturday + Sunday both with CT Chorale! 😀 see I love spending time with the choir. I am truly happy there. Honestly. :’) and it’s a good thing I spent my Saturday plus Sunday night with them cuz now I am in a surprisingly good mood! Even when it’s Monday tomorrow and there’s school…… SEE WHAT CTC DOES TO ME :’D hahaha yeah. And I think school is starting to get a little fun. A little only. Hahaha yup. So that’s my weekend!!
Have a great week ahead lovelies! IT’S CHINESE NEW YEAR WEEK!!!!! 😀 😀 good food!!! Om nom nom! 🙂

<3, H


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