Fucked up. The school is nothing but fucked up. So upset and angry and sad. Can’t believe they’d do this to choir. fucking hell. You cause our fawesome conductor to leave just when we are improving loads and have the potential to get a gold for SFY. What the fuck? So upset. And upset is an understatement. There’s really no words for me to express how I feel. The school is nothing but fucked up. I’m going to miss our conductor so so much. We don’t even get any explanation as to why he’s left. How the fuck is this even legal? He’s help us come such a long way. We’ve improved so much under him. And now we’re just going to drop back to our sucky standard again because we don’t have a proper conductor. Why the fuck can’t you just let us be. We can and we will achieve that gold if he was still our conductor. I hate this. I hate how fcked up the school system is. How. How can we ever get a gold and bring recognition to the fucking school if we don’t have the fucking support of the school? Tell me how? We want to bring the school glory. But the school doesn’t want it. No support given, no funds given, nothing. I am so fucking glad I am graduating from this shit school this year. I’m done here. Really.


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