2 hours to 0502!

Hahaha what a random title. Couldn’t think of any suitable title so I just came up with a random one. HAHAHAH anyway, still pretty angst and upset over Mr Foong leaving and everything la, but life goes on anyway.
So anyway, I’m just really thankful for this life i’m living rn. Thankful for Jo for listening to me rant last night even tho she was the one who called me cuz she was the one who wanted to rant. Hahaha and Jesalin who shares my anger, angst and she knows how I feel all the time! We’re pretty much in the same boat for everything, Jesalin and I! ☺ & then there’s BT who (sort of) listened to my rant about AL this morning all the way to afternoon! It’s only one year yet he changed so drastically. But yeah la. Talked about other stuffs! 🙂 WA convos with him are always fun! And with D.Yap and BK and A! 🙂 hahaha I rly love the 2A1 guys la. They’re so retardedly funny and they’re forever making me laugh Hahahaha love you guys & girls of 2A1’10! I still do :’) ❤❤❤
And there’s also my CT Chorale exco 2011-2012!! ^^ I love our WA group chat with all of you because D.Lai and Ying Rong are so retardedly hilarious! :’D and Benny being ever so ….. Idk funny? Hahahaha everyone is funny la ok so don’t say my vocabulary sucks. Hahaha and and um, oh! My 4C1’12 clique! Hahaha I know we aren’t exactly a clique but neither are we not a clique so I’ll just call it a clique! Basically it’s the usual people (Jo, WL, S, ZL, J, GB, F, and at time the guys! :-)) mm, thanks for putting my with my nonsense in class la. And during PE HAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU GUYS. ♥♥
I think that’s about it! So far, the first month of 2012 has been pretty nice to me and so has the start of February! I guess it’s a good sign! I hope it’s the same for all of you out there! ☺ and if it isn’t, don’t worry!

after the storm comes a rainbow! Have faith! ♡

Have a great February y’all! It’s a leap year this year btw! 🙂


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