Don’t know if I should be feeling happy or sad. Don’t want to be in-charge of the stupid service learning anymore. So much planning and shit to buy and everything argh wtf hate hate hate this. To make matters worse, 4C1 is terribly uncooperative. And it is fcking annoying when I don’t get any response from them and they’re not doing anything to help with the SL. -.- and I am so mad tired I can probably fall asleep anytime rn. 😦 still have to plan for Friday’s selling shit and more shit like that. Hate this to the very max. Plus I have mega loads of homework an revision to do omg. Srsly don’t understand how I became in-charge of this fcking project. I don’t even want it wl. Life sucks then you die.
Anyway, I submitted my drop form for physics on yesterday. 😦 quite happy to drop yet I have my qualms about it. But I hope this is true…☟



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