Camp Viva ’12!

Hehe i had loads of fun at this 3D1N camp!! :’D it’s quite sad that this is my last ASPIRE camp in CT! ☹ damn. But it at least it was fun and I enjoyed it a lot!! 🙂 hehe okay so I shall start with day 1!
Day 1: 8/3/12
Headed to school in the morning feeling rather exited!(^ω^) hehe so had the usual camp briefing and stuff where they told us to visualize where we were going to be in 30 years blab blah. Finished that and our first activity was the social etiquette workshop!! Heheh we had to get changed into our formal attire + shoes first tho because it was part of the workshop i guess! Basically it was just personal grooming la! They taught us how to dress appropriately, and proper dining etiquette and all that! And the whole thing lasted for 3 bloody hours -___- luckily I had my bunch of awesome possum friends seated at the same table so we sort of talked a lot of crap and it was retarded HAHAHAHAH I think my group made the most noise in the class :B

So we had that workshop all the way till lunch! Lunch was fine dining in the hall! Hahaha the food was okay I guess! Considering that it’s CTSS so oh well. Hahaha and after that was the SOCIAL DANCING OMG HAHAHAHA THIS WAS EPIC. Cause my class had to pair with 4A1 and it was sooo awkward Hahahaha omg. Thankfully I danced with Ying Rong and not some weird person HAHAHAH it was quite fun actually! 😀 and we forgot to take a class photo!! 😦 so anyways, we had CT challenge after that. First station was transfer the paper clips from one person’s straw to another. Second was idk what’s the name. Third was captain’s ball with polluted water and last was treasure hunt trololol. It was kool cheering for 4C1!! ☺ so that was day 1!
Day 2: 9/3/12
Usually morning briefing! And then we had a 4 hour long bloody workshop on interview etiquette omg. I swear these workshops are like….. So long and draggy ugh. And the speaker wasn’t very interesting as well -__- so anyway, we had to change into our interview clothes and hehe I liked my blazer!! So OL-like 😀 pictchas!

Ok hahah don’t mind the shoes! We had already changed!



And we remembered to take a class photo!! ☺ Formal shot! 4C1’12 ❤❤❤

Informal 1! \(^o^)/

Informal 2 + Ms Li and Mr Tham!!

hehehe I love how the words at the back are so colorful and it makes the pictcha ten times prettier! 🙂 so yep! That was the interview! We had this time management workshop too lol. We had lunch next and after that was the service learning showcasing! Was pretty impressed with Jing Wei’s ability to create a presentable video within 10 minutes, I must say!! 🙂 Okay then we had dinner and then briefing for the most exciting part of the camp!! 😀 😀 😀
Luvvvv this section of the camp the most! It was the highlight of the camp for me! Rly had so much fun! :*) So firstly we had to go to four stations and the order of the stations depended on which clues we picked! So we picked our first clue and figured out that we were supposed to go to Redhill! So okay then group leaders checked, members all checked then CHIONG AH!!!!! Omg damn epic. 4C1 ran like crazy to the mrt station then all the other classes were just like, chill bro, and strolling HAHAHAHAH OMG 4C1 cool only. 😀 hahaha yeah so squeezed into the bloody train to Redhill. Have I mentioned how much I hate MRTs? Give me my bus anytime man hahaha reached Redhill, answered 2 questions about Redhill then picked the second clue:

this station took part in mock terrorists exercises before and is located near a river. In olden Singapore, settlers traded here.

So we were all like, eh is it blah blah, no I think it’s yada yada. Someone even said Kallang! :’D hahaha so we decided that it was city hall so ok, city hall it is. Then someone else suddenly said, eh is it Raffles place ah?? Then everyone else went, eh maybe leh! Then genius me suggested: how about we go raffles place first since that station comes first? Plus the facils aren’t going tell us if we’re right or wrong until we get to the station anw. So we okay. If wrong then go city hall. And luckily, it was Raffles place!! So we picked another clue! It turned out to be tanjong pagar! Then there we had to find a marble mural and give its name. And we met 4D1 there…….. & Teo cheated me. Tsk 😦 hahaha ok. Found its name (epic of sgp) and then picked our last clue: commonwealth station. Can’t rmb what we did there but yeah. Then headed to harbourfront station where we were supposed to meet to start the night hike. So retarded we were like, going bak and forth on the green line hahaha. Assembled at Seah Im carpark to start the night walk!! 😀 did a 4C1 class cheer and started the walked!! Walked from habourfront-mt. Faber-Henderson wave-Hort park-kent ridge park. It’s a 12km walk! :-O Fun fun fun 😀 along the walk we had four stations to complete. First station was at mount faber, a memory game. Jo and xue ming played that.


Then we walked walked and walked and reached the next station. So while waiting for 4b1 to complete the second station at the start of the Henderson Wave, Mr Koh told us ghost stories!! Hahaha poor Jo was so scared! But it wasn’t scary la. Quite lame -___- but anw, it was our turn and we had to answer 4 qns. Every wrong answer 10 push-ups. But 4C1 being the smart people, got only 1 qn wrong and did only 10 push ups! ☺ like pro only can! 🙂 and then we walked some more! Ten there were so many couples along the bridge can! Omg HAHAHAHAHA *ahem* Shereen *ahem* HAHAHAHAHAHA shirt and I were being such trolls. Hahaha and then we sang songs!! IT’S FRIDAY FRIDAY/YOU DON’T KNOW YOURE BEAUTIFUL/SORRRY SORRY SORRY SORRY/MY BONNIE LIES OVER THE OCEAN/EDELWEISS/to idk what. Hahahahahaha so retarded. And soon we reached the third station!! *\(^o^)/* which was at the end of the Henderson wave!



We had to like, tie our legs to the person on our left and right and walk in a straight line from one end to the other! Hahaha I think this was the part where everybody got frustrated with everybody and we couldn’t move as class initially cuz the back people were kind of stuck and the front just kept moving. Trololol

Really dark class photo from somewhere in the middle of the Henderson wave bridge! ☺ I think it was just after the second station. We took another one with the teachers lying in front but ms Lee didn’t whatsapp me it so I don’t have it! Anyway. Finished that activity and continued walking!! Had fun After that I remember clearly because the BFF and i were doing our disco dance and mimicking the LC. HAHAHAHAHA WE R SO MEAN but whatevs. ☺ /everyday I’m shuffling/ *does disco dance* HAHAHAHA IT WAS DAMN EPIC. And I think we walked quite a distance but it didn’t feel rly long to me cause I had mah gang with me!! so yeah ✌and finally we reached kent ridge park aka our last station!! We had to fit the whole class on 6 pathetic sheets of newspaper and sing Just the way you are after that. Round 2: yet halved the size of the newspaper and cut it down to 3 sheets -___- and then when we were all squashed against each other we had to do a cheer. So we were all like, DO A SHORT ONE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA this is what we looked like:


After that, we waited for the rest of the cohort to finish before we could walk back tgt as a school so we played truth or dare at like, what, 1am in the morning?!! Hahahaha damn cool I tell you. Omg we made each other do totally stupid and embarrassing things like tell so and so that you’re cute and I like you blah blah. HAHAHAH OMG IF WE WERE ACTUALLY CONSCIOUS, WE WOULDN’T DO SUCH STUPID STUFF HAHAHAHAH I think all of us became high cause we were too tired. And then Ms lee took a vid of me, Jo and Shereen shuffling HAHAHAHA OMG IT IS SO NOT GOING ONTO THE NET 😛 I literally laughed till I cried when I watched it at home after camp -inserts laugh till cry emoji- 8’D omg the embarrassing and retarded things I do at 1am in the morning in public with retarded friends. *facepalm* so finally at around 1.30 I think, we made our way back. It was kool. 4C1 was the only hyper class around. All the others were half dead/dead already! 😛 and there we were like, C1 bomb C1 bomb, C1 bomb to D1 bomb!!! 😀 😀 D1’s response? “DIAM LAH 2AM ALR STILL BOMB WHAT!!!!!!” hahaha super joke! But oh well, I don’t think they were the only class that found us annoying la HAHAHAHAHA then we had a C1 chorus! Like the guys will go chemistry, then it gets higher and higher HAHAHAHAHA cool maxxx!!! So yep, we just kept ~walking and walking and walking~ the whole hike certainly didn’t feel like 12km to me! 🙂 then we played truth or dare/truth or truth whenever we had a break!! Hahaha it felt cool to be the only alive class when everyone else were like sleeping during breaks! ^^ reached school at around 3.45? Heheheh I like night hikes. We should totally do this again. Hahaha actually, I just like being outside when it’s like, 3, 2am in the morning. The roads are quite and like, you just feel all the ~inner peace~ :B showered at around 4.30?? Idk. Didn’t feel like eating supper so I just watched my friends eat hahaha. And finally crashed at like, 5.15-5.30.

Day 3:10/3/12
I GOT WOKEN UP AT BLOODY 8.45 THANKS TO THE FRICKIN ANNOYING TUNE THAT PLAYS EVERY SCHOOL DAY AT 7.30am. Meh. Washed up, ate breakfast! Ms Lee bought timtam + HL milk for us!!! Super sweet!! Heh and I found that drinking milk thru timtam is soooo tasty!! Y’all should try!! Trust me! 🙂 then we had the Education and Career fest. Practically almost everyone in the cohort was sleeping throughout the talks. Yes I am guilty of that lol. Attended the entertainment & business mgt talks but wasn’t paying any attention at all lmao. I was tired okay. But Aiya, I’m not interested in any of these so yep. Debrief after that and break camp! ☺/☹ had lunch with WL, Jo, GB, Vanes and Yuyan at Prata Planet before going home!! Hehehe was more like a gossip session ahahahaha luv mah girls! ♥
All in all, I think the camp was really really enriching and I’m glad my last ASPIRE camp was an enjoyable and memorable one!! (*☻-☻*)

    LUVVV YOU 4C1’12 ♡♡♡

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