Haha the aspire camp post took me ages to draft out gosh! Hahaha anyway, it’s the last 10 hours of the march holidays! ☹ Term 2 is starting and it’s time to get my shit together. It’s MYE + one term nearer to Os . 😦 Need to be more hardworking, more studious and less playing around! Quite excited for school to start again tho, because then I’ll be more disciplined and I actually do productive things -_- this holiday will probably be my last break before the full speed mugging starts :/ not sure if I’m prepared for it or not but I’ll make it through nevertheless! ☺
Okay so anyway, this holiday hasn’t been very meaningful….. I didn’t do anything much and yeah. I need to do more productive things manzcx lmao.
Yep, so… I should probably get back to doing the bloody Chinese TYS….. I have 10 frickin papers to complete by like, tomorrow…..?! Prolly going to just do 5 max. It’s ridiculous and unreasonable to tell us to do 10 papers in less than a week. Life of a Singapore student lul.

    Have a fantastic Term 2 everyone!! Hahaha be positive! :B

P.S./ super super stoked for Wicked with the BFF, Benny & Ng Xin Yi on Good Friday!! 😀 😀 ♥



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