Wicked was WICKED

Wicked was wickedly awesome I tell you. FRICKIN GOOD AND IT WAS SO SURREAL!!!! MBS THEATER I WILL COME AGAIN!!!! 😀 😀 😀 omg loved that musical!!! Anyway, met XY and WL at raffles city for dinner first and we ate at Ding Tai Feng. BLOODY HELL THE TOUFU WAS A RIPOFF DON’T EVER ORDER IT. It was 4 frickin bucks for 1 tiny piece 😡 explored the place for awhile since we had time and then trained to MBS! ☺ my second time there! 🙂
The BFF & I ☺ WE ARE RICH WE WENT TO THE CASINO hahahahahaha k kidding.
Heh the toilets are really nice and have two full length mirrors to camwhore with. And yes I was using my iPhone because I forgot to bring my camera out boooo. Went out to walk a bit and see the scenery! Not posting any pictures of it because those I took were ugly teehee! Chionged to the theater after that because it was already 7.30. Met Benny there and raced up the stairs! It’s damn grand I tell you! Ö
Us! ☺ yes we sat at the last row. We aren’t rich enough to afford the middle class seats lmao. Nevertheless we were happy!! 😀
From left: Xin Yi, Wan Lin, Benny and me! ☻ ♡
Yup that was it! Rest of the pictchas are on Facebook tho there aren’t many! OH OH AND DID I MENTION THERE WAS A LIVE ORCHESTRA!!!! I WAS FASCINATED AHAHAHAHAH WAS WATCHING THE CONDUCTOR AT TIMES TEEHEE! Trained back with WL!! Haha so y’all should go catch wicked it’s a really really stunning performance!! 🙂
Have a great week ahead!! ❥


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