Haha again, you guys HAVE to make me feel like this. And you know what’s worse? It’s my last fucking official practice with you all and you have to give me shit. Haha gosh, I am so amazed beyond words. Like what the fuck? The sec 4s LAST practice and you guys had to attitude us? The fuck? Seriously, can you not see that us seniors just want the best for you guys? We just want you guys to do well for SYF next year and not get crushed by not meeting your goal. So this is why we train you. This is why we focus on every single tiny detail that isn’t correct. And Friday on speech day will be out last performance with you guys. And look at your standard now? It isn’t even deserving of a fucking COP. The standard is dropping, dropping back to how it used to be. At this rate, I’ll be glad and surprised if you can even get a bronze for SYF next year. And where is your basic fucking respect? Seniors, no matter the age gap, are still seniors. There has to be a basic degree of respect and i think it’s obvious that when someone is your senior the least you could do is to show some fucking respect and not roll you eye(balls) at us. Like the fuck? Last time, you cried because you “cared about choir ad you felt that the SLs weren’t taking into consideration your views like where is wrong and whatsoever.” so today we did. And what? You roll you fucking eyes at us. Ma gosh. The fuck is wrong with you?! And you think you can just go around stepping on people’s hard work to plan something? If its that fucking easy, go and do it ok, go. And then come the sec 2s. HAHAHAHAHA “CTSS SUCKS”, who makes it suck, of I may ask? YOUR BATCH DUH. You guys are not putting in any fucking effort and expect us to be nice to you? Hell no. I am SO NOT going to be nice to you. Srsly la. Complain complain complain whole day long on twitter that the seniors keep scolding you. Then IMPROVE THE FUCK UP LAH. SO INCOMPETENT WTF I HONESTLY HATE YOUR BATCH SO MUCH. Ok not your whole batch, just you. At least even if your attitude sucks, but you can sing, then fine! I’ll leave you alone. But YOU, YOU CANNOT EVEN FCKING PITCH OMG. Tone deaf or smth??? Kill yourself lah -.- I am so so fucking disappointed. If you guys think you’re so damn good, by all means. Continue like how you are now. I’ll see what happens to you after the sec 4s graduate. Hahahahahahahaha I am sick of your attitudes sec 2s and a certain sec 3 and I am washing my hands of ct chorale. Fuck you guys and good luck next year. If you even qualify to take part in SYF that is. Lmao


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