Funtasia 2012! ˆ◡ˆ

Went for NJC’s Funtasia ’12 yesterday! I didnt want to go initially tho cause wanted/had to study! but mommy dearest insisted I go for a while so I did! Planned to go home at 1.30 but I ended up staying till 3.30 -__- it was worth it anyway! ☺ I’m glad I went because it really did make me more motivated to strive to get into NJ cause I really love the environment/spirit there and everything! 🙂 reached there at around 12? Hahaha love events like these cause practically my whole family was there (: LAH came at around the same time too with his friends! LAT and brother met us at the atrium! The whole place was bustling with activities even tho it was raining!! Sign of a successful funfair! 😀 went to visit LAT’s and brother’s store (yes they’re both in NJC smart asses). Hahaha bro’s one was some marble maze thingy while LAT’s one was paper toss! Bought some stuff but most of the time was spent exploring the funfair with LAT! 🙂 saw people get dunked and they had a beauty parlour section where they’ll do your nails/hair for you! Ahahah the braids were really pretty! *_* then went up to the hall to look for LAH & friends! Watched them play WII and blah blah! I tell you the three of them are really good at all those games lol. Walked walked and walked. Oh and I went to the haunted house with LAT and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be! (: hahaha got helium balloons and then left! Brother was MIA half the time. Tsk too busy with his friends that he didn’t want to take a HAAY photo 😦 so the mean. Anyway, instaxes from yesterday! They looks almost the same because i didnt know what pose to do cause 1. There were people watching so it was awkward enough already to take 3 photos in front of them. 2. It was awkward. LOL
Okay back to mugging. ˘~˘̩
Had fun yesterday!! ♡ •◡-ॢ



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