When did life become so dull?

So yesterday was a Tuesday and as usual, it sucked. So anyways, MYE ended like last Thursday! And guess what, we’ve gotten ALL our papers back -__- marking exam scripts are probably the ONLY thing the teachers are efficient in. We got back bio, chum, Chinese, amath and emath on Monday and Chem and English yesterday! Rather disappointed with both my math though, especially emath. Made so many careless mistakes that cost me like asdfghjkl marks. 😦 but English was the most disappointing because it’s my best subject and yet I did really horrendously. People will argue that I’ve already gotten very high compared to the class but you don’t understand. I don’t want to beat the class. I want to beat myself. I want to be better than the target I’ve set. Idgaf about what the class got honestly. Bio was ~okay~ considering that I didn’t study like what, almost 5 chapters I think!! Ö oopsie daisy! Could have done better for both chem & bio though. So yep. But the really annoying thing is that for Chem, bio, Chinese, chum and emath, I NEEDED 1/2 more marks to the NEXT GRADE. my L1R5 would be like x100 times better omfg. To be specific, I don’t even need 1 mark for chinese. I just need a frickin’ 0.5 marks!!!!! OMFG WTF SO DAMN ANGST ARHHHHHH my L1R5 is like, equivalent to 1 pizza omfg so angry. Imaging if I get pushed up to the next grade, that’s like minuting 5 points off!!!!!! Omfg I’ll be super happy if that actually happens 😦 le sigh. Kay ciaoz.


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