HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE. 🙂 you’re 14 already time to become more mature!! Study hard & don’t ware your life away (like me). X

Omfg I checked my stats a while ago ad I got the freaking shock of my life. Stats went up by a huge jump and the referrer was omfg shocking. I went to try googling the search term but I couldn’t fine the link to my wp at all. And yet it was a referrer. Omfg what the f. How did it even link here la omfg. Shocked beyond words. Shocked is an understatement. Time to REALLY privatize things.
Anyway, what was said here stays here. Omfg I applaud ~the stalker’s~ stalker skills. (no seriously, I am impressed. Honestly. No sarcasm intended.) OMFG STILL CAN’T GET OVER IT.


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