there’s so much more to life

wahahah birthday month!! 🙂 so anyways, first day of June started out pretty fantastic for me!! made some new acquaintances and did a lot of thinking, good thinking, about life! 🙂 hahahahaha okeh I have nothing much to blog about tho it’s the holidays! because this whole week has just been me going back to school for lessons so… it’s uneventful ~

Oh and I have reserved Looking for Alaska from Clementi Library!! 😀 😀 finally! been looking for that book for ages but all the bookstores here don’t seem to sell it! 😦 shall collect it next thuesday/wednesday when I have to go back to school for extra lessons!

Ooh ooh and I can’t wait for West Side Story tomorrow (or today?) !! 🙂 it’ll be the first and last musical that I have attended that’s put up by CT! (ok the sentence structure sounds so weird…..) So I’m quite excited! 😀 meeting da C1 gang for lunch first before heading to ACJC for the musical! WHICH REMINDS ME….. I have yet to buy roses for them musical kiddos…….. Dayum… shall get it tomorrow (today) morning I guess! okay it’s 1am and I really have to sleep. Ttfn! ☺


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