A West Side Story!

Sup homies!! So, yesterday was CTSS’ 3rd musical production – West Side Story!! It was so awesome I don’t even!?! It was really really (insert appropriate adjective here). Idk haha It made me feel so so proud of them! Really! ☺ so I was supposed to meet WL, J, and KM at clementi at 12 but as usual I left house at 11.45, conveniently missed the bus, and boarded the next one at 11.55 Hahahahaha I know right. So since everyone (not just me) was going to be late, we decided to meet at buona vista at 12.30. Reached clementi at like, 12.20 chionged like crazy to city vibe (IN MY HEELS!!!!) to get roses for mah musical friends and then trained to bv. Met up with the gang and then trained to holland village to have lunch with the C1 gang at Wendy’s! 🙂 hahaha got a balloon for JT cos it was his birthday! We r such nice friends!! headed to ACJC next! The musical was gooood!! And and Eugene was acting as one of the main characters!!!!!! Omfg I was super super surprised!! Like, he was always sooo quiet in choir so I never expected him to act and dance, or even sign up for auditions in the first place!!! But he did a fantastic job as Jack!! 😀 super super proud of him!!!! 😀 ☺

Only photo of the gang but JJ and A weren’t looking!!! >;:( AND WL is blocked by the pole Darren yap sucks as a photographer -_-

J, me and WL at acjc!
Went to look for K, R, G, B, and Z after the musical to pass them their rose! Didn’t take a photo with them tho cos they were rushing for dinner! And bay’s mascara smudged cos she cried! Hahaha aww :’)

J and GB!

Our lead actor and actress for A West Side Story!! ☺☺☺ hehehe so sweet! :’) Nicole, played by Z and Jerry played by YX! ^^

J, J, and I! 🙂
Pretty splendid musical hehe! So proud of the cast + crew! 🙂 Okeh sorry for the abrupt ending. And wl the helium MICKEY MOUSE balloon We got for JT flew to the ceiling of the auditorium lor WL. Talk about being appreciative!? Hahahaha i kid. Ok bye.


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