Turned 16 on Sunday?? ^^ yup you guessed it, yours truly!! Hehe thanks to everyone who wished me, be it through fb, twitter, whatsapp, text, personally blah blah. Hahahaha yeah but nothing much la! Just another normal day! (no seriously.)
Anyways, took the entrance test for my DSA yesterday and whoop. I screwed it up big time. Well done. So angry at myself because I really really should have done better. I want it so much. And yet I screw it up for myself. I hate it. Math was totally do-able except for the fact that no trigo formulas were given (so goodbye trigo marks) and I totally did not expect the questions to come out like amath paper so I didn’t do shit for it. Didn’t revise, nothing. So I just relied on my memory and past revision and hopefully I’ll manage to get at least at 10/80 or something. Freaking screwed I hate myself argh. 😦 and then English I totally took the huge risk by doing a expository instead of a narrative cause I didn’t know what to write for narrative. Awesome I know. Lines. Lines. I suck big time. GAT was okay. I guess. Yeah. Didn’t know anyone there except for Alex and this other choir dsa guy from ACSi so I basically talked to them (more of Alex actually cos the china guy was mia most of the time…?) yep. But oh well. It was a great experience though. Taking the tests and all! Hahaha I actually had fun yesterday omg. HAHAHAHAH k bye! 🙂


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