This is crazy.

I just realised that most of the time, when I have post categorized under “ugh”, it’ll classified under “school” as well. That goes to show something doesn’t it. Ugh so stressed rn. Things were okay until like 6 plus when I got the fucking text that chem spa would be on fucking Friday. Let me explain: was told last week that chem spa would originally be this Friday. Was informed today that Chem spa would be postpone to next week. AND THEN I GOT THE FUCKING TEXT. And guess what, I have frickin Chinese O LEVELS oral on the same fucking day. And I am totally UNPREPARED, I repeat unprepared for both of them. We barely had any time (in school) to prepare for chem spa because school just reopened last week. -.- effing stressed rn I don’t even. I know other people have it worse but just shut up. I have a low threshold or stress alright? I don’t, DO NOT, work well under pressure. I am so screwed, so worried, so sleep deprived, so angsty, so stressed, all the negative emotions overwhelming me. Okay I should shut up. Suck it up suck it up suck it up dammit.
why am I so pathetic


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