A familiar face

Yay so on Monday, Jo, WL and I met up with Jess after sch!!! ♡♡ Hahaha was super super happy on that day cause it’s been ages (a year actually) since I last saw her! Man time flies, just one year ago we had her farewell party and now, we’re busy chionging for Os and she’s having her summer break! It was so so so good catching up with her cause she had loads of stories to tell and so did we! 🙂 I’ve missed her man. ♥ Hahahaha she’s just as funny as ever and she actually remembered like, a lot of stuff about us and all!! :’) I mean it’s been 1 year! A lot can (and has) happened since she left! Hahaha then sing yeen and the rest saw her and they all went “OMG JESSICA YOU’VE BECOME PRETTIER!!!!” hahahahahaha and Benny’s face when she saw jess was plain epic!!! :’D ahahaha it was so much fun catching up with her and I really hope I’ll see her again soon! 😦 meh. Hahaha
Well, yesterday sucked. I guess we can’t always have happy days right.


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