Lol mr koh was right. My passion for chem is starting to grow. HAHAHAHAH omg I actually do like chem now. The concepts are relatively easy to grasp and once you know your stuff, the questions are actually doable, easy even. Hahahaha I like Chem. I really do. 🙂 I just hope it’s not too late. Im not just liking it for Os but because I actually am really interested in it. It’s so amazing right, how I can actually go from hating chem (all sciences actually), to loving it. I actually look forward to studying Chem/doing chem papers. HAHAHAHAHAHAH the same thing happened for math actually. Hated math like shit in primary sch and now it’s my favourite subject and I’m counting on it to get my 2 A1s. 🙂 HAHAHAH funny looks like Murphy’s law actually is true huh lmao. Ok wtf I just typed a whole paragraph about my subjects wtf major nerd much? HAHAHAHAHA but yeah! I like chem 🙂 I hope I find the same passion for bio as well. I do like bio, it’s just that it’s so content heavy, it’s a turn off haha. But I will find that passion! Soon I hope! 🙂
But thank you Mr Koh hahaha. 🙂

aspire and grow your passion for chemistry.


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