Happy (belated) Birthday Singapore!!

Happy 47th birthday Singapore!! Really grateful for the life I lead here!! ☺ (9 August 2012)
Hey guys, what’s up!! I’ll tell you what’s up! WATTPAD!!!!! I just discovered this app and to say that it’s fawesome is a freaking understatement!! It’s so much more than awesome! Gosh. Really! I’ve never been this addicted before. Shit. Hahaha so it’s basically this app where people upload stories that they have written for others to read! And I totally love some of these stories! 😀 those that I’m currently hooked to are those bad boy romance stories. 😛 Hahaha im a sucker for stories of that category. 😉 but the bad thing is, most of the writers have to keep up with their daily life other than writing these stories. Which means that they don’t have much time to actually write a proper chapter! And so we readers are left hanging!!!! 😦 I just finished a chapter of a story and I really what to know how the story progresses!!!! 😦 damn. But I don’t blame them (the authors) though! It’s not easy having to constantly update their stories and keep up with their professional job! Yay them!! (:
so anyway, really thankful for the national day break 🙂 class outing on the 10th was fun! 🙂 I guess it helped to bring all of us a little closer 🙂 but now that the breaks over, it’s time to go full speed for Os. I’m so scared. Each passing day signifies the impending doom of Os. Oh man. I should be studying for bio mock rn. Bye


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