So… I’m in a dilemma. I dont know if i should jump ship back to blogger or not. I love how wp has the function to privatise individaul blog posts cause that’s great. fine nevermind.

Anyway, received my O levels Chinese results today. Almost cried when they were giving the cohort briefing and blah cause i was so freaking nervous. really really nervous. It’s so nerve-wrecking. and it’s only one subject. Can’t imagine how it’ll be like next year when we receive the bulk of our results. but yeah. saw my results and i felt so so so overwhelmed. I cant put it in words. i’m just… wow. to say that i was (and still am) stunned is a understatement. I was expecting two grades lower than what I actually got. so, i’m happy. but i cant be complacent. yep. I’M OFFICIALLY A SIX SUBBER!!!! hehehehhe YAY. 😀 and i’ve decided that where I blog will depend on my mood. 🙂 long weekend ahead! yippee! x


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