AHHHH SPAZZING OVER TOM DALEY!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAA Yup olympics ended eons ago but I’m only spazzing about him now but it’s cool. ☺ been watching almost all his YouTube vids and stalked his instagram. HAHAHAHAH then I went to google him and I found so many tom Daley tumblrs!!! Gosh t is really A LOT! Like woah. Hahahaha OH AND I also found out that TOM DALEY HAS THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!! OMG IT’S SUPER FREAKING COOL!!!!!! I literally had a smile lasted to my face for at least an hour after I found out. HAHAHAHAHA don’t ask me why, it’s not even my birthday and yet I’m happier than my brother ER what? Hahahahahah geez, talk about crazy fangirls. Hahahaha no but seriously, Tom Daley is just so so so so so cute!!!! And handsome and hot. I swear the way he smiles and laughs omg! Ok that sounded so freaky and creepy. HAHAHAH fine I shall shut up, but Tom Daley is cool man. Dope. ☺☺☺☺ ❤❤❤
Anyways, prelims have started (yesterday) and yeah, English paper 2 tomorrow and I guess I’ll be spending my September break studying for the rest of the papers plus Os. Need to get my shit tgt really. Os are freaking close. Right bye.


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