Do or die

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!!!!! ♥♥♥ it’s been more than a year since you left and I miss you! 😦 but at least we managed to catch up during that short lunch date a couple of weeks back!! ☺ hope all is well for you and visit us soon alrighty! 🙂 love ya x

So whaddup guys! It’s September fuck. 50 days to Os great. Life sucks. Oh anyway, celebrated teachers day yesterday! My last but best celeb ever! Hahahaha funny how everything is the best this year, speech day and all Hahahaha but yep! Had english prelim paper 2 before and after that was the concert! Hahaha super high man! Cause the theme was My Teacher, My Superhero! So they played the teen titans song and the whole school just sang “teen titians!!!” and “teen titans GOOOO!!” HAHAHAHAHAH SUPER FUNNY LITERALLY LMAOED WHENEVER THAT HAPPENED :’D and then they gave out the most inspiring teachers award and 4/5 teachers taught my class HAHAHAA then when they announced Ms Li’s name, our whole class (maybe 3/4) stood up and cheered HAHAHAHAHAHAHA super epic cause we were like the only high class again, just like aspire camp omg hahahahah and then we did the same for Mr Koh and Mr Goh! HAHAHAHAHAHAH but they really deserve it la! Mr Koh inspired me to love chem, ms Li is really dedicated and mr goh is a wise old man!! HAHAHAHAHA yay love my teachers man. ˘ᴗ˘-ॢ then after that Jo, Alvin and Justin and JT chionged out of school to buy the surprise cake for our teachers!! Hahaha then the rest of us made them gather at the study corner! But we forgot about the mother tongue teachers!! 😦 oh well!
20120901-192609.jpg 4C1’12 plus all our subjects teachers!! ❤ (minus mt)
20120901-192541.jpg Our teachers awkwardly gathered around the cake which cant be seen here hahaha it’s on the table
20120901-192559.jpg Ms Li & Jo, J, WL, G, and me! 🙂

Yup so that sums up my td’12 at CTSS! ☺ oh and I am sad. Cos after I post this, my Tom Daley gif will be pushed down by one post! 😦 he is so so cute omg. Absolutely love that gif of him!! Hahaha


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