The Final Lap

Last lap. Last 27/26 days to Os. C’mon c’mon I can do this. Please. Never wanted anything this badly before. Giving it my last burst of fire. Not going to let myself down again. 🙂
Anyway, hello there. I’ve been posting more on my blogger because i think it’s less public there. So anyway, prelims weren’t too bad but I can’t be complacent. And the teaches were lenient when marking our scripts. So it isn’t rly O level standard. English was the biggest disappointment. I really have to start working harder for everything if I want to get my single digit. English especially because that’s my L1 and I need my A1 for that desperately. I am currently nowhere near an A1 standard for English so I am honestly very very scared (for lack of a better adjective). My English proficiency or lack of rather, is clearly evident here. So yeah, honestly super worried. But never mind, I shan’t fret! Back to work. See ya when Os are over I guess. Peace out xx


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