Hi November!


HELLO!!!!! it’s november and O LEVELS ARE UNOFFICIALLY OVER ( !!!!! 😀 😀 ), well I have bio and chem MCQs 2 weeks later but those don’t count as end of Os HEHEHEHEHE I am so happy! 🙂 so psyched for all the post-Os activities! ☺ I think I did ~okay~ I guess. Most disappointed with my performance for amath paper 1 bcos I was freaking half asleep while doing it bcos I slept at freaking 11.45?!?! Omg made so many careless mistake which (hopefully) would not make my A1 a gone case? 😦 so yeah. I guess I could have done better for hum (history in particular) but I guess all I can do now is hope for the best! 🙂 English could turn out to be a disappointment because I think I screwed my narrative. 😥 HAHAHAHAH bio was really ……… Because I studied so hard for evolution questions and such but no application questions came out. Like what….. Hahaha but it was okay! And then…. Yeah idk. Anyway, I heard that physics paper was super difficult and boy am I so fricking glad that I dropped physics. Not to gloat or anything but if even the smartest and chao mugger-est found the paper hard, I would have gotten like a U grade. Not even kidding. Considering that I have history on the same day. :/ so yeah I have to say that dropping physics was the best decision (understatement of the year) in my entire secondary life. No wait scratch that. It was the best decision in my entire 16 years of living. Ok but that aside, all is good 🙂 so anyway, it’s November, newmonth new beginnings! 🙂 I am so not ready for the next stage of life bcos I don’t want to leave my friends. Am so scared of JC like, will I meet nice people like my friends and such stuff. 😦 but oh well, shan’t fret over such uncontrollable stuff! 🙂 ciaoz x


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