Seriously I get so pissed off when people say that E3 can’t sing and all and have only gotten this far bc of their looks. Like wtfh have you even bothered to listen to them sing individually?! It’s so so good. I mean where can you find 3 hot guys who can sing?!?! i know different people have different opinions and stuff but I still get so mad DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT TALENT IS?!?! sorry not sorry. Yes they’re cute and all but ultimately, emblem3rs love them bc they are so talented. Their looks are a bonus. They totally kicked ass last night with their mash up of my girl and Cali gurls! It was sick. No kidding!!! And just bc they used the bg music from 1D’s WMYB, people start comparing them to 1D. Wtfh I don’t even understand why anyone would do that. They have totally different styles and E3 didn’t even sing a word from any of 1D’s songs. They just used the music. The fucking background music. IS THAT A CRIME?!?!?! Omfggg. And then the directioners start going like “oh emblem3 can never be Better than 1D blah blah” shut the fuck up man no one said they wanted To be better than 1D. Can’t u just shut up and enjoy both groups?! Wtf so annoyed. Srsly, sometimes I think although directioners and beliebers are the largest fandoms, the fans lack respect. They think their group is the best and insult others. No ok just no. To you they are the best to others no. There’s no need to insult other groups ugh. Like see, i didn’t even insult 1D in this post. Okay wtf am I so worked up about this Hahahaha bc i love the boys that’s why. Emblem3r forever! 😀 ❤



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