Prom 2012: crossroads

So prom was yesterday and it was okay. Theme was crossroads and everyone was gorgeous. Wasn’t all that exciting and blah. Food wasn’t that great and well, wasn’t as fun as everyone makes out prom to be lmao. Watched rise of the guardians after prom hehehehe Jack Frost is handsome! Too bad he’s a cartoon character wtf hahahahahahahahaha ok that’s it. Nothing very memorable about prom. Today shall be spent reading perks and watching gg. Can’t wait to finish perks and start on TFIOS!!! ☺

Btw, this is like the second time I have people searching for this particular word and stalking (for lack of a better word) my blog. Remind me not to mention anymore names/school names/things that are specific lol wtf.
P.S/ can’t wait to get out of Singapore in a weeks time. Don’t like life in stressful Singapore and I’d honestly be more than elated to migrate to Gold Coast. People in Singapore aren’t even nice at all. Did you know that sg is ranked 1st as the world’s most emotionless country lmao. I can’t live with people who are akin to robots sorry not sorry. How do you even live in a world like this? People not sharing their joy/grief, people just repeating the whole cycle of wake up>;work >; sleep the whole day, people just rushing about with a blank look in their eyes. i can’t. Take a trip to the cbd on a weekday lunch time. People are exactly how I described them to be; totally devoid of any emotion. Even my friends are like that. Where’s the life, where’s the feelings, are there even any emotions at all? I don’t even see any tiredness in their eyes. It’s just nothing, nothingness. When you stare into their eyes you see pitch darkness, it’s blank.



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