Two years ago

Haha so ct chorale just returned back from desaru where they had their jubilate VI. Haha I miss choir. I honestly do. haha feeling so bittersweet now :’)’: I see their photos on instagram and I feel like crying tears of joy and well, tears of nostalgia (sadness). I vividly remember my own jubilate IV in 2010 and rooming with Jess, Jesalin and Faseha hahaaaa and then running to mich’s room bc we were bored, and that night when ms nat tan knocked on our door and then we got scared shit and screamed like mad and then after that all 4 of us were squashed into one bed cos we were scared HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA 2010 was a great, great year with precious memories.

My girls ❤❤
I had fun. I was happy. Like really happy. :’) loved the workshops, loved my time there. 🙂 I miss ct chorale. I miss choir asdfghjkl I want to sing again ahhhhhhh 😦


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