The Fault In Our Stars

You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices. I hope she likes hers.”

“I do, Augustus.
I do.”

So I finished TFIOS on my Taiwan trip and it was a really really great read! got me thinking about stuff (life in general). So anyway, went to Taiwan with the fam for a getaway and tbh, I wasn’t exactly excited about it bc I didn’t really want to go to Taiwan but it turned out to be a great trip! Not much shopping bc they were selling winter clothing but I managed to get a wallet + skirt and loads of food! Haha we went up a mountain, travelled on 2 out of 3 most dangerous routes in taiwan but the view was worth it. So breathtakingly picturesque and yeah the weather was about 13-16 degrees so it wasn’t too cold. Except for up the mountains where it was 5 degrees and i was obviously suffering from spasmodic contractions of the skeletal muscle lol. Spent quite a substantial amount of time traveling from one city to another so the bus trips were actually the times where I just thought about so many things. I hate that I don’t have the ability to put it in words bc I cant find suitable words to say what I think. Visited hualian, tai zhong, shihlin, jiu fen, pin Xi and some other places. Mrt mr wan at jiu fen lol. Small world. I think I suffer from this thing (for lack of a better word. It’s pathetic really, my English standard) whereby I drown myself in sadness/nostalgia whenever I return from overseas (Malaysia excluded). Except I never really got over Brisbane. Was scrolling through twitter when I saw two or three people in Australia, one of which was in Brisbane. And I got really angry at her wtf bitch much. It was probably like so much jealousy/envy that it became anger Yknow like how your anger turns into tears. But that’s beside the point. Point is, I got mad, shed a few tears and blah. I miss Brisbane. I miss Taiwan sure, but I’ll get over it in a couple of days give or take. But Brisbane? It’s been a year (5 more days to be precise) and I still miss it like fuck. Went to a beach in Taiwan and tho it was nothing like the one in surfers paradise, i was brought back to last year. Stood there watching the waves crash onto the shore and just remembered last year. Sucks. This is the latest I’ve stayed up since Os ended. So many things I wish I could say but I can’t.
Some pictures from Taiwan. goodbye.









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