Hey y’all! Merry Christmas!! How was your Christmas week?? Was a pretty busy week for me Heh. Spent Christmas with the girls at bugis and orchard and then headed to Ecp to meet the fam! Boxing Day was spent with my pd girls (fishy and Lsm)! The initial plan was to head to wcp for cycling but when we reached there, it drizzled a little and we found out there was only a go-kart rental no bicycle rental. So we played at the playground for awhile and then fishy had a brain wave and came up with this brilliant idea to go to sentosa!!!! Accompanied Lsm to go to the post office at harbourfront and then we headed to fish&co at vivo for lunch. After that was sentosa!!!!!! πŸ˜€ had so much fun cycling and at first we cycled along the siloso beach stretch only and we were wondering how come the hiking trail is only like, along siloso. Until we saw the map and decided to cycle all the way to tanjong beach! Passed Palawan beach along the way and cycled all the way to the back of sentosa cove! I miss that place 😦

Went into the ocean for awhile and then we headed back to siloso to return the bikes! Stoned at Mac drinking $1 coke for like 15 mins? Then headed home with fishy! I had fun! It was so great to catch up with them after 4 years and I do hope we have more pd outings! πŸ™‚ spent thursday with shirt watching wreck-it Ralph! I love that movie, it’s like my legit favourite animation movie!!! The animation was so so good I was impressed! Hahahaha and the story line was cool too πŸ˜€ (window) shopped a little and then home! Great day hehe! And then today I met up with xy to watch les miserables and oh god it was frickin good!!!!!! I was crying like every time there was a sad scene which was (to me) 35% of the whole movie?! Hahahaha luckily we took the back row so no one saw me (I hope) :p hahaha went home got changed and headed to safra to meet J for tennis!!! Hehehehe feels great to be back on the courts after 3 (or more) years!!!! :’)
Anyway, we’re down to the last 3 days of 2012 and boy, this year has been a blast! πŸ˜€ it passed fricking fast (as usual)! Might do a 2012 post if I feel like it! πŸ™‚
Btw, here’s a creepy photo of Ecp πŸ™‚

Peace out x


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