Its the last day of 2012 and the year is coming to an end. This year has definitely been amazing, with everything that has happened, the good and the bad, the ups and downs. I would list the events that have made my year but I can’t remember all of them (sadly). So I will, at least, list those that I can remember but it doesn’t mean that those unlisted are any less significant than the rest. 🙂
1. I dropped physics. Sorry I had to mention this bc it’s prolly the best decision ever (I can’t stress this enough).
2. ASPIRE camp 2012! Got closer to 4C1 and the clique


3. Wicked!!!!!! I loved it 😀

(P.S/ I am too lazy to look for photos to upload anymore lol sorry so the rest of this list will not have photos)
4. Speech day
5. Mad prep for Os
6. Post Os
7. Taiwan
Ad Icr anymore. I am so thankful for everything this year and I dare say that I have matured :p grown closer to my girls, the fam, and other friends. I am honestly not ready for 2013 but scratch that for now.
So here’s to new beginnings and have a great great great year ahead y’all!! X

P.S/ 2013 will start off great if my O lvl results do not disappoint :p



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