the wait is finally over and I am officially done with secondary school. Thank God for my results. Am quite pleased with them except for hum, which was a major disappointment. Received my results slip and saw the grade for hum and immediately broke down. The worst part was disappointing mdm y (and myself ). So so angry and disappointed with myself but I guess after I finished my paper I sorta knew it wouldn’t be an a1 already so… It’s still disappointing. I think I know where I went wrong for both SS and history & it feels like a punch in the gut. Could have done better for my sciences & English but I am happy with my results. Only problem is now bc I want to take the arts stream in JC so now bc of my hum, I’m having second thoughts 😦 but nonetheless, thank god for my results & I love my teachers very very much ♥ 

No regrets at all though because I know I’ve done what I can (albeit a few stupid mistakes here and there and I want to punch myself for that). so I hope y’all are happy with your results and if you aren’t remember that you are more than your grades so don’t let them define you. the future is yours if you want it 🙂 x


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