February day 6!!!! My god time is literally speeding by I can’t believe it’s already the second month of 2013! -insert blue shocked face emoji- haha spent the first 3 days of school with my fawesome OG16!!!!! The first bunch of friends I made in sa and they are such a riot I love them β™₯ orientation with them was a blast and I wouldn’t trade them for any other OG :’)


Then today we split up into our CGs, which basically means our class. I’m in 13A04 where most of the people are doing H2 math econs and history, with varying H1s. So my subject combi is HMEL, H1 lit πŸ™‚ a little apprehensive about it cause I didn’t take lit in upper sec so I’m not too sure if I’ll be able to do well but whatever I’ll strive. Oh & btw, when I was in OG 16 my clan was Axoria, and now in my CG, I’m in Sephorius and well that sucks. I love axoria’s cheers and I am proud to be a ninja! SHING KACHA SHOOM. AXORIA is the best. I’m sorry if this is really traitorous towards sephorius but really, sephorius is so gay. Like guardians of the forest. REALLY LIKE REALLY?! The cheers are like sephoruis chill chill chill we play play play and coupled with the actions it’s just………….. And sephorius’ shirt is a horrifyingly ugly green while axoria’s is black like a ninjaaaaa! And just when I’ve properly memorise axoria’s cheers, I’ve to delete them from memory and learn sephorius’ ones. -_- this is annoying. But okay fine I shall shut up about clans now. So anyways, I feel quite indifferent about my class but I miss OG 16 so badly 😦 why can’t we just form a class within our OGs grrrrr. Okay anyway bye Imma crash.


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