Transcend 2013!

Hi have I mentioned how much I like A04 haha. They are a bunch of really really cool people and I’m looking forward to spending the next two years with them haha yay


// oh btw orientation ended today and tbh I had a blast! I’m glad I chose to stay in sa bc I rly like the school spirit and culture and so far all the seniors are real friendly so yay plus points for sa! Haha plus my og(ls)& cg(ls) are the best. The mass dances were shake it and runaway baby and wahlao damn exhausting lah. Hahaha then at the end everyone just like joined hands as one huge sa family and did the choo choo train thingy and ran around the hall singing the saint songs. Even the j2s joined in lol. It was mad high and crazy. reminded me of sec 3 aspire camp where after campfire we all did the exact same thing hahaha. K byez need to crash.
/// my class wa is fricking hilarious omg they are damn onz and weirz and funz but yeah it’s cool bc I am pretty weird too so yay.


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