I miss my ct friends and I miss ct. Sa feels so foreign and the only people I know are my cg/og and idk I am not used to not seeing familiar faces everywhere around the school. I miss the bitching gang and mdm y and ms Li and ksp and mr wsy and ms koh and mr Ng 😦 😦 😦 I miss life in ct quite terribly. I miss my ct friends so much I really do. Didn’t think i’d miss them this much. i miss 4C1 and shirt and Lao lin. I miss ct, as in the building, the people the environment and everything else about it. So so so glad (and proud) to be a clementeen.
//Dear ct friends,
Please let’s never drift apart and you guys are honestly the best friends anyone could ever ask for. I love how y’all always make me laugh even when I’m having a bad day :’) I love you guys ❤❤❤

///P.S/ saddest realization of the day: tomorrow is only Wednesday


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