Blessed and thankful

First day of March was great and I can’t stop smiling. I love times like this when I’m truly happy and nothing in the world can bring me down (cliche as it sounds LOL). School’s been okay, made better with awesome A0foz! Hahaha love our breaks together and I swear everyone in my class has a weird side to them HAHAHAHA joined choir again and I got out into sop 2 asdfghjkl Hahahaha but yeah it was my original section before alto 1 so I guess I’ll suck it up hahaha but I am enjoying choir with my newly made friends!! ☺ Choir camp was fun bc molto retards is the best group ever and we won first place for amazing race muhahahaha we have our signature hair flick and music video HAHAHAHAAH we really live up to our name :’D

1. We were supposed to find the choir notice board so yeah that was it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
2. Taking a photo with the rainbow on the floor but it can’t be seen in the photo LOL
3. Us at the pull up bars LOL it was a mission I think.
HAHAHAHAHA can’t believe we won the amazing race lah bc we were really just like strolling and taking our own sweet time Hahahaha I think it’s cos we finished all the missions so we won the most points 😀

The SASS bell is pretty interesting.

Conductor and her choir 😀

Hahahaha freaking cool photo outside SASS’ animation room so we decided to do like a idk…. “Motion picture?” of a person standing up HAHAHAHAH

Ithios: thinking

Zombies/ us being the walking dead lmao

And I thought this was quite an artistic photo of the SAJS bell lol cos the shutters were down so I had to take it through the holes haahaha
//so yup that was choir camp last Friday and the highlight of this week would be meeting my loveliest friends on earth. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤❤ went to meet 6/10 of bitchin’ gang with J at clementi’s bus interchange and god I miss clementi. Chatted with ms Li and them till ms Li left and then had dinz with them at clem mall! (I miss ms Li and them A LOT btw) Kee left earlier & we forgot to take a photo with him 😦 😦 then the 5 of us just stayed and talked for almost 2 hours about school & life & lame jokes & basically everything else Hahaaha I love clementi & ct so much bc it’s where I’ve really grown and it’s like my second home. I love my ct friends and teachers I really really x infinity do. Clementi (ct) will always be home. As much as I like it there at sa, ct will always always be home bc it’s where I really matured over the past 4 years. Can’t stop smiling and feeling so warm and happy bc I’ve met them after a gazillion years. 🙂

So much love for all 10 of them ❤❤❤ wish the other 4 could have been there 😦 thank you for being the best friends ever :’) x


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