It’s funny how I’m both scared and in love with the ocean/sea/beach. The ocean looks so intimidating in the first picture. Just imagine being lost out at see and drifting along with the waves, heading in no particular direction (this is kinda how my life is right now sadly but that is beside the point). The raging and roaring of the waves so fierce and loud. It’s pretty scary don’t you think. I like to stand at the shore and just gaze at the horizon where the sun seemingly meets the waters and wonder where the sea ends. It scares me bc I don’t know what lies ahead; what lies further out in the sea. Yet at the same time, the beach is my haven, my happy place (a quiet and empty beach that is). The sea; it’s different from the first picture in the second one isn’t it? Calm, peaceful, soothing, my favourite place on earth. I don’t know what’s the point of this post but I wanted to write. I guess it’s one of the I miss sp moods again. It sucks and it hurts bc I don’t know when I’ll ever get to go back again. I wish i’d taken more pictures of the sea/sp. I’d always love the beach, scary or not. The ocean is my melody yet at the same time my fear.


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