The end of another chapter


Hur hur I have a 3-mountains-high stack of homework waiting to be completed BY MONDAY but this post is pretty significant to me so I thought I’d sacrifice a little of my study time to write this! 😛 (I HATE HOW EMOJI CAN’T BE SEEN ON WINDOWS SO I CAN’T USE IT HERE ARGH I LOVE EMOJIS I honestly feel sad for you if you’re an android user bc that means you can’t see emojis anywhere else except whatsapp ahahahhaahha loser) ok I digressed. anyway, the SYF performance itself wasn’t good but neither was it bad so I guess it was okay hahahaha it wasn’t our best as we’ve definitely had better practices but no regrets! 🙂 I dare say that every single one of us gave it our all throughout this entire journey towards SYF. It wasn’t easy ok I swear, with the J1s having to deal with shit like PI & MSAs and the J2s having their BT 1s but y’know what, we made it through all of that! 🙂 Results will be out tomorrow and I’ll edit it into this post at the bottom tomorrow 🙂 btw, the above photo is us 10 minutes before our SYF rehearsing in the black box in SOTA hehe

saints chorale

20130421-130607.jpgsaints chorale2



Saints on stage!!! 😀

20130421-130641.jpgHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA don’t judge but I was bored while waiting for my turn at the dentist so I decided to play around with all the lame heart shape stamps in the Line camera editor app hahahahahahahahaha ok not funny. Don’t you just love the reflection of the light in a lightning effect at the back!!! (that was a weird sentence) OH YA, SPOT ME IN THE ABOVE PICTCHAS HEHE

Anyway, I’m incredibly blessed and thankful to be able to have this opportunity to be part of this amazing SYF journey & it is rly such an honour to be able to sing with the J2s (this is their last performance + practice ب_ب) before they step down. I’ve made so many amazing friends & I’m glad that I got the chance to know the seniors better! 🙂 I’ve never once regretted coming to SA bc of all these lovely people I’ve met in choir ˘◡˘ To the best seniors ever, ALL THE BEST FOR BT2s AND As ESPECIALLY AND STUDY HARD OK!!!! We J1s will definitely strive to bring the choir to greater heights!! ◕ ◡ ◕ (don’t ask me why this post has so many of such emoticons, I just felt like it hahahahaha) & to my fawesome batch mates: y’all are the coolest bunch of people ever hahahahahah forever making me laugh whenever I read our whatsapp group haahahha :’D love you guys man, here’s to more & more exciting and enriching experiences as a choir in the year ahead (ᵔᴥᵔ) now that I’m done with the sentimental and sappy part, more pictchas! ಠ⌣ಠ

photo (10)My lovely sops on 13/4 Choir showcase ♥ This is called the Eunice pose (you see us doing this a lot in the above photos hahahahah) and I just realised that I have been doing the pose wrongly in all the pictures since forever hahahahahha shit.

photo (11)☺☺☺

(Photo credits to Dione! :))

ct chorale2 2013

P.S/ CT CHORALE GOT DISTINCTION FOR SYF OMFG A FREAKING DISTINCTION!!!!!!!! I know 60.6% of the secondary schools got a distinction but ct chorale has come such a long way. I remember raging about them on this blog and saying how unmotivated they all were and i truly was disappointed with them. Then came the period where we were conductor-less and the stress level on us SLs was super high bc choir was in a rly rly bad state. but nevertheless, they pulled through and look where they are now! 😀 I AM SO SO SO (x10000) FREAKING PROUD OF YOU GUYS 

P.P.S/ DISTINCTION FOR SAINTS CHORALE WHOOOOOHOOOOOO 😀 (although the prestige of getting distinction is no longer there bc 13/17 schools got the D -_- the new system sucks) but whatever!!!!! much love to my fellow choirsters! 🙂 ♥


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