The Fear Of Getting Hurt Again

Thought Catalog

The fear of getting hurt again is what keeps you inside on a Friday night. It’s what keeps everything stagnant, halting any potential progress, keeping you frozen like a little child.

Who hurt you this bad?

People will never ask you this but they’ll think it. They’ll wonder who did this to you, who has kept you so locked inside of yourself all of these years? You haven’t been in a relationship for a long time now and people are starting to write you off as a Ken or Barbie doll. No sexuality, no parts. Just face, just heart, just overwhelming baggage.

I can’t imagine you with someone. I’ve just never known you when you’ve been in a relationship.

You’ve never known yourself either. In those relationships, you were someone else, a practiced performance. The second you started living honestly, everything would go poof. Lesson learned: people only like to…

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