Today in school during CME, we had a class conversation. It was basically a time where anyone could just throw out issues that they have or any questions related to anything and we’ll (mainly the teachers) talk about it. To me, what we talked about centered around “relationships”. So Leena asked “does JC make you more distant from you family & friends outside of school?” Her question really hit home and it made me cry (literally, like I did immediately after I heard her qn). It just brought on wave after wave of longing. I miss my ct friends. I dread school everyday because I don’t see them in school daily. I’d trade the world to be schooling in ct again. So anyway, mr lim replied to her question “no it doesn’t. Because relationships are built on trust. True friendships don’t waver and distance doesn’t matter.” To a certain I agree bc I feel that if your friendship is everlasting, it should and will be able to withstand the distance, the hardships and be stretched to its limit and still not break. And I guess that’s how my ct friends are like. We meet up, not often, but when we do it’s always the best couple of hours of my week. The next time we meet, maybe about a month and a half later, we always pick up from where we left off. Like nothing much has changed and it’s like as if we still see each other on a regular basis. And that’s what I love about them so much.
The issue of dieting and self-esteem and outward appearance was also surfaced. And mr Lim’s answer was “People remember you because of what’s inside you. The attention you receive from how you look is only temporary. Eventually, people will remember you because of the relationship you formed with them. Not how you look.” I think this is quite true bc when you form a positive relationship with someone, love, acceptance and trust grows. I’ve spent 4 pretty damn meaningful and wonderful years of my life with my ct friend in ct and naturally, the relationships I’ve formed with them is one that I hold dear. So this whole lesson got me thinking and missing them all over again bc they’re irreplaceable.

//Oh today, choir was cancelled bc too many people were in Gomes and Hose so they were all down at SK stadium supporting the hockey boys so choir had like only 20 people max? HAHAHAH so yx decided he wanted to go for a mini-adventure and so we (yx, potato & i) spontaneously decided to drop by nj to look for kat since she just ended school too and this was our route: 151 to nj bus stop> 154 to clem > 184 home HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wtf I basically went an entire circle HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA srsly yx was the whole mastermind behind this and me and potato being spontaneous decided to follow lmao I think I deserve a best friend award. HAHAHAHAHA but it was rly nice to see KAT again!! Haven’t seen her since…….. Idk i can’t even remember Hahahaha ok bye


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