Till we meet again

Kisshan’s last day in SA today so after our gp paper the lovely CTSA people (minus Jp bc someone went out for lunch ahem) gathered to take our last picture with him! 😦 going to miss him 😦

To K (if you ever see this):
Thank you so much for being in my life. Am so blessed to have known you and I am so glad we were in 2A1 together!! You were always making me laugh cos you’re so retarded in sec 2 hehehehe and although we kind of drifted in upper sec, we managed to salvage it (a bit drastic I know hahaha) bc you joined just!! ^^ and then who knew we’d both end up in SA. HAHAHAHAHAA so happy that I got to spend 4 more months with you than the rest bc we’re in the same school 😀 I’ll miss having a friend to talk to during math lectures 😥
Please please don’t forget us when you’re in Aussie. All the best there and have tons of fun!! Study hard too okay!! Remember to update your insta also hehehe 🙂 I’ll miss you heaps 😦
♥ Love, H


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