tumblr_m4y9xotwCH1qmevz7o1_500 (1)I can hardly believe it’s already June aka my birthday month. Half my JC 1 year is gone and it’s been so freaking fast I don’t believe it. I remember starting school in February although it feels like it just happened yesterday. Now it’s June and I think I’ve more or less settled down in SA and yeah my new friends are pretty awesome and I do like life in SA. Don’t regret choosing SA over AC at all (I never liked AC’s culture anyway). Apart from the workload, CTs, MSAs, PW and everything else academic-related, JC’s been pretty fun.

So it’s June in a blink of an eye. This June, I must:

  • Catch up on my studies bc I am really lagging behind I am so lost I have been failing consistently and CTs are just right after the holidays.

Yeah, that’s kind of like the only thing on my to-do list right now. I desperately NEED to buck up or I’m going to be spending another year in JC1 and I don’t want that.

It’s 1am on the 1st of June and I am tired. Good night x



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