Goodbyes suck

Sent Kisshan off at the airport yesterday. It was a freaking 2 hours journey back from changi at 10pm but it was so worth it. I don’t know why the word ‘goodbye’ has a ‘good’ in it goodbyes definitely suck. I sat by the church today at school watching the sunset while waiting for mum and thought about everything. And it just kind of hit me that well, I’m never going to see Kisshan ever again. At least not until 3 years later. I was/am sad. At least with Jess, she’s still in the country so I can still meet up with her. But kisshan’s flying to Australia. Migrating. I won’t be seeing him in school anymore, no more math lectures with him, one less friend in SA. But i’m really happy for him and his family bc his dad has a better job in Australia. 🙂


I actually really like this photo 🙂 and the one above hehe

The most fun bunch be with ♥ please take care Kisshan!!! Till we meet again!
// today, I was again reminded of how comfortable I am with my ct friends and how much I missed them. Felt so empty the entire day bc kisshan’s leaving rly just hit me (and I hate missing someone) and I missed them so much. Met up with all my ct friends this whole week, j on Monday, muse on wed, and Thursday with Kisshan’s farewell. And you know, I’ve never felt so at home. I missed that feeling. last year, they were literally the people I saw every single day. I really do love them so much. The people in sa just cannot compare. 😦 I can’t wait for speech day where I’ll be back in ct surrounded by the people I love. Ct is home and ct friends are my second family. I miss the good old days. Ct friends above the rest. Always.


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