The mind

The mind is a powerful thing, I feel. Controls your every action, every move, your life. Your emotions, your feelings all arise because you think you are sad. The brain is like that, think you’re happy and you will be. Think you’re sad and sad you shall be. Over thinking – the brain processing far too many thoughts for one to comprehend, causing one to read too much into things that should have been left and taken at face value. Mind over matter they say, for those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
A multitude of emotions running through my head. I don’t know what to do and I am so confused. I feel like I’m back at the crossroads I thought I left behind so long ago but no, it’s like I’ve been transported back to the past and here I am again. It also doesn’t feel like I actually AM at crossroads but I feel lost. Wondering, wondering about what and why and what if. I wonder if I am handling this stress or am I just pushing it to the back of my head and let it build up until one day I reach the end of my tether.
Mentally, I am not strong. I don’t handle stress well. mentally, I get tired easily. Point being, I am weak. I broke down last night at 12.30am because I couldn’t handle another sleepless night and everything else. I cry way too easily and it is so easy to mess with thoughts in my head. All I kept chanting was “please don’t cry” but I still did eventually.
We are as indestructible as we believe ourselves to be.”. The word believe. It connotes a certain idea of “brainwashing” (for lack of a better word) your mind. Tell yourself you will be fine, you will make it through. And most of the time, things do get a little easier. I need to grow to become a mentally stronger person. Mindset is important. Stronger mentally, stronger hold on my emotions, things will get easier.


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