learning fest 2013

SA oraganised a learning fest today and initially i thought it’d be boring but it turned out to be pretty fun!!! 🙂 it’s basically pw on a larger scale, that’s easier and involves the whole class in it’s execution! haha my class did sleep and we got people to nap or 20 mins as part of our activity hahahaha most of the time was basically spent lepaking in class and blasting songs and having sing-along sessions and yaaaaa it was fun cos i rly love my class more after this past week idky hahahaha yay anyway watched despicable me 2 with esther and leena aft sch while mx and isaac went for some sl rep briefing in sch. it was boring shit and i fell asleep. the storyline sucked and i actually only watched it for the minions. like they were so cute and so squishy i just rly wanna hug them 😦 ahhahaha but ya anyway after that esther and i headed down to star for lunch with mx keyun brandon and isaac and then we talked and ate and then after that went so rochester’s bux for the 1-for-1 promotion thingy! and then we talked some more after that. hahahaha i really love the ambience at rochester’s bux cos it’s an olden day bungalow and so classy and atas and victorian and idk u should go there and see for yourself hahaha yeah i had fun today and i really do like sessions like this. like we practically talked about a lot of things and i love my friends.


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