“Structure is in a mess. Pls see me”

LOL this was what my econs teacher wrote on my csq lecture test essay question… And coincidentally, (or not), this sentence applies to my life as well lmao. I’ve been feeling like my life is in a mess and there is no structure and I am just merely drifting through life and idek what I’m doing half (or maybe 3/4 of) the time…… And this is bad because promos are in freaking 27 days and I don’t have time to get my shit together anymore and I must start my engine now there’s no more time to waste. Time to reorganize my life and yeah…. (Don’t be fooled though, I am more stressed out than I let on)
But anyway, lately I’ve been feeling starved of knowledge…. Like I used to read and find beautiful quotes all over the Internet but somehow I can’t seem to find quotes of such kind anymore?? Like ugh I’ve been starved of such deep, psychology quotes (this is also because i haven’t been reading much books 😦 ) and I need to satiate my hunger 😦 So if you do know of any quote websites or any of that sort, please do let me know!! πŸ™‚ hehe okay bye.


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