Eleven month of the year wow 2013 just passed by like snap zoom….. Haven’t had the time to just write about my life but I guess since this is just about the only free time I’ll ever have I’ll just use it to do a little reflection.
PW is almost over (aside from i&r) and I’ve sat for the last Chinese paper of my life on 28th! Idk I am honestly quite freaked out by how fast time is passing. I submitted my WR on the 22 I think and had my OP on the 30th! Op day was a rly rly meaningful one for me bc I truly felt our 13A04 class spirit. We formed a prayer circle before we all split into our respective venues and prayed for a smooth-sailing session. I felt (and still do feel) so so blessed to be part of this class. I really do. I am so relieved to finish this pw cycle because at the end I can outrightly say I made it though. It is undoubtedly the hardest obstacle I’ve face in my life yet.



So many thoughts running through my mind but i don’t have the words to express them. In other words, let me just say, I am back to missing ct times. I miss being in ct i really really do. I am tired, i dont know why i feel like this. Emotionally drained and i dont even know why.


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