Safe for now

Received our promos results today and wow I am glad the day is over??? i don’t ever want to go through such suspense and anxiousness ever again. So anyway, if there’re no other changes, I am promoted with the class!!!!!!!!! pretty disappointed with math & lit but at least I cleared!!! Anyway, I really really really love A04. When I got back lit (which was my determining factor cos I alr cleared my 2H2s and 1H1) and found out that it was an S, I just couldn’t hold it in and I ended up crying… And my classmates were just so so sweet and they kept telling me “you still have history it’s okay!!! I am sure your history will do well!!” & “you can use Chinese as your h1! So you clear alr!!” And when I got back my history and found out I cleared (thank god), they were all telling me “see I knew u can one!” I am so so grateful for all of them, I really really don’t want any other class. so yep, thank God for my results, and a fawesome class. I pray so hard that we’d all be able to promote as a whole 13A04 :*
Brandon, Ning, Leena, Mal, Aru, Tek, SX, Ko, Mars, Isaac, Esther, keyun, MX, XE, seeyuan, Mel, Terry, Tingz, James, XR and Damon, y’all don’t know how thankful and blessed I feel to be classmates with y’all. Thank you for the whole year of precious memories and for always being such a supportive bunch of people :’) I wouldn’t have made it thru this year without y’all and i couldn’t have asked for a better class ^_^ ❤❤❤

Close shave this year, but this only serves to spur me on. Next year’s curriculum is going to be CRAZY (understatement) but I think I will make it through with A04. I hope I don’t die, but I foresee myself crumbling much more times next year than pw has ever cause me this year LOL but we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it yeah?


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