I sing

We had a choir exchange today with VJ, AJ, MJ, TKSS, VS and the Vocal Consort. Hahaha we were the smallest and weakest choir there. But the thing is, I know everyone tried their hardest. They are trying and I can see that and I acknowledge it. We were the first choir to perform and after that we got to watch the rest perform and they were SO SO SO damn good. Technique wise and in terms of musicality, MJ and Consort and VS especially (the sops from TK and MJ were !!!!!!! freak idk what to say, darn bloody good. Their tone was so clean, so pure, so anchored I just OMG). I was just so impressed and blown away. I’ve watched them several times but they always never fail to leave me in awe. and something mr kwei said today basically struck a chord in me:

You are here because you want to sing and for your love for singing.

And he was right. I’d forgotten how much I love exchanges like this, because my love for choir (I remember this clearly) started in 2010 when I joined MTDC – that was my first actual experience singing in a competent choir. And then came 2011 where prep for SYF started and I think I attended my first exchange at VS. That day was when I knew that I really loved singing in a choir, a good one especially. So yeah, I love exchanges. It’s like a free concert by all the competent choirs in sgp ahhahahaha they are all so good it’s like eargasm to listen to them LOL. but yeah so when I got into SA I was sorta thrilled that I’ll finally be able to sing in a good choir again (since MTDC in sec 2. CT chorale isn’t counted bc let’s face it, we were never really there. My batch probably brought it to almost there but after we stepped down i think it all went downhill. don’t even talk about now.) So yes, I was happy. SYF with Saints Chorale + the exchanges also was probably the most memorable period. There was definitely a heck load of stress bc you have to match up to the standards of the J2s but I liked it (this is probably the only kind of stress I’ll ever take LMAO). It’s kinda weird but I love the feeling when singing in such a choir.

But somehow, I think after SYF when the J2s stepped down and the really long break for promos, when we came back, everything just kinda slipped. I was listening to the past batches of SA choir and damn they sounded GOOD. maybe not as good as TK (they are good every single freaking year wtf idk how they get such competent singers every year omg), but it was still a strong choir. and when I compare it to us now, we’re just… bad (for lack of a better word). And the saddest part about this harsh truth is that everyone in the choir is trying so hard. but I think our technique just isn’t there. and I don’t blame them at all bc technique isn’t something that you acquire overnight, and it’s not like I’m all that good. I don’t think I’m good at all tbh LOL but this is beside the point. So yeah, after today’s exchange I felt empty (???) bc I hate that our standard is just dropping and I really want to get it back to where we were before. 😦

I don’t really know how to put it in words but I just want to sing in a competent choir again.


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